Consumer FAQ: Is GIS a Reputable Business? (Short Answer: Yes!)

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Consumer FAQ: Is GIS a Reputable Business? (Short Answer: Yes!)

When GIS reaches out to our clients’ applicants and new employees, we ask for a lot of personal and sensitive information. If you’re not familiar with GIS, this can feel a lot like a scam designed to steal your identity.

GIS is in fact a legitimate, reputable business, and we aren’t scamming anyone. But, if you’re concerned enough to come looking for this information, our simple assertion will likely not allay your fears. So instead, consider this:

We are an NAPBS-accredited and BBB-accredited background screening company that performs searches for some of the country’s largest employers. As part of our services, GIS can reach out to applicants and employees to get the information that we need. By having you submit your personal information directly to us (rather than submitting it to your potential employer, who would in turn submit it to us), our clients can cut down on turnaround time and can avoid data entry errors.

If you’re still uncertain, we encourage you to reach out to the company that requested the background check on you. They should be able to confirm that they use our services and that they requested the background check.

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