In order to assist keeping members in compliance, the Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) has partnered with General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) to provide GIS' best-in-class criminal background, drug and medical screening services to ARA members - all at a discounted rate!


GIS is one of the largest organizations in the background screening industry with a national criminal database containing more than 500 million records. This national criminal database pulls information from more than 1,000 sources including a variety of national security sources.


Services offered through the partnership include:

•  Drug and alcohol testing

•  DOT-compliant physicals

•  DOT driver qualification file management

•  Background checks and license verifications

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Our services:

Background Check Packaged Services*

Address history
County (current county only)
Federal (current district only)

National criminal database (1 name)

Address history
County (7-year residence)
Federal (7-year residence)

National criminal database (1 name)

Address history
County (7-year residence + alias)
Federal (7-year residence + alias)

National criminal database (1 name + alias)

Background Check a la Carte Services
Driving (motor vehicle) record $3.40*
FMCSA employment history verification (one employer) $12.00*
Professional license and credential verifications $10.00*
Aviation gap review $12.50
FAA PRIA (Form FAA 8060-10/A
FAA Privacy Act records request)
FAA FOIA (Standard consent form) $7.80*
PRIA (Form FAA 8060-11/A
5+ years pilot history)
DOT (Form FAA 8060-12
5+ years drug/alcohol history)
NDR - National Driving Registry (Form FAA 8060-13) $6.15
CDLIS (Standard consent form) $4.45*
Adverse action process (Pre-Adverse Action notice, Adverse Action notice, State compliance notice) $2.50
per letter*

Drug Screening
Drug and Alcohol Policy No Charge
Drug Testing


Out-of-Network: $49.00
Random Drug Testing Annual consortium management fee: $140.00
Breath Alcohol Testing


Out-of-Network: $63.00

Medical Services
DOT or DOT Look-Alike Physical Exams

In-Network: $84.00

Cost + $23.00
Medical Consultation No Charge with purchase of physical

Driver Qualification Files
DOT Driver Qualification File Management

Per file setup: $5.75 
Per active file/month: $2.55

No Charge for training

Onboarding/Hiring Services
E-Verify $1.25
plus set-up fee
E-Verify & Electronic I-9 $2.25
plus set-up fee

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Before you begin the registration process, only do so if you have authority to register on behalf of your organization and you will want to have the following easily accessible for the registration process:

• Your Business Tax ID Number

• Name, address and contact info for billing purposes

• Contact information for individual(s) you wish to be able to order background checks and drug tests in our system

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