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Vendor and Contractor Background Screening

Most businesses in the U.S. use a network of vendors or contractors to fulfill business needs, from contractors representing the company to vendors that are given access to the building and to sensitive material. In order to protect their business reputation and the safety of their clients and employees, these businesses are expected to perform background checks on these vendors and contractors to ensure that the person entering a client's home has neither a sex offender conviction nor a home invasion conviction.

With these needs in mind, GIS created our vendor background screening program. With our program, your vendors and contractors are responsible for running background checks on their own employees, limiting the financial burden on your organization while ensuring that they meet your screening standards. You can monitor their checks through your own account and even choose to get either a report with a grade or a Certificate of Completion.

Features of the Non-Employee Screening Platform include:

  • Direct credit-card payment system, allowing for vendors to pay for their own screenings
  • Web-based system with 24/7 availability
  • Full compliance with your program, including the option of adjudication based on your guidelines
  • Ability for you to monitor whether background checks have been run as necessary
  • Quick return of results and elimination of delays in coordination
  • Quick program implementation
  • Ability to set up a new user account in minutes

Vendor Credential Management

GIS' Vendor Credential Management solution brings our vendor and contractor capabilities to new levels, helping you onboard and manage your vendors and independent contractors in new ways. The platform allows you to invite vendors to apply to be a part of your network, run initial checks on the vendors and key personnel, and re-verify credentials and applications as necessary. Click here for more information on the Vendor Credential Management program.