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General Information Services provides an impressive array of background screening and hiring solutions to the government. With organically-grown services and solutions and a strict no-offshoring policy, we have gained and kept the trust of some of the largest employers in the world.

We provide traditional background checks as well as a healthy list of proprietary offerings and industry innovations to manage risk, strengthen compliance and improve your overall hiring program. Because our operations and infrastructure are already compliant with federal government standards, compliance is our goal but not our only focus.

Credential Management

GIS provides a web-based platform for maintaining your compliance at it relates to your licensed/credentialed professionals. Our platform provides automated notifications to you or to your employees of approaching renewal deadlines. Your professionals can easily provide updated license or credential information directly into our credential management platform and GIS can verify the renewals for you. Click here for more information on GIS' credential management program.

Vendor Credential Management

GIS' Vendor Credential Management solution helps you onboard and manage your vendors and independent contractors. Built on our Credential Management platform, the Vendor Credential Management platform allows you to invite vendors to apply to be a part of your network, run initial checks on the vendors and key personnel, and re-verify credentials and applications as necessary. Click here for more information on the Vendor Credential Management program.