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Compliant hiring and ongoing employment processes are extremely important in all organizations, regardless of industry. But, the processes involved to maintain compliance in certain industries can be intensely more in-depth and time consuming. Perhaps no industry knows this better than the healthcare industry.

Screening Solutions

GIS knows healthcare, and we understand that screening programs are often affected by the complex dynamics of the industry. We keep track of what's going on in the industry and keep you informed when laws and regulations impact your screening program.

Our level of commitment to your screening program will ensure you meet all compliance regulations, improve the quality of your staff and help your organization exemplify a positive reputation.

GIS' screening solutions will help organizations in the healthcare industry screen for information about criminal pasts, suspensions, narcotic/drug abuse, license terminations, probations, and more.

Recommended screenings include:

  • Criminal History Checks at the county, state, and/or federal level
  • KwikScreen National Criminal Database Search to supplement the physical county search
  • Social Security Validation
  • Education & Employment Verifications
  • Professional License & Certification Verification
  • Office of Inspector General (OIG) Exclusion List Check
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Debarment & Disqualified/Restricted/Assurances List Checks
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Excluded Parties List Check
  • FACIS® (Fraud & Abuse Control Information System) Search
  • TRICARE Fraud & Abuse List
  • DEA List of Diversion Control List
  • American Medical Association Physical Profile Service Check
  • NPDB (National Practitioner Data Bank) Search
  • Nurses Aide Registry Check
  • American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) List Search
  • PHS (Public Health Service Administration)/HHS (US Department of Health & Human Services) Search
  • Federation of State Medical Boards (FMSB) Search
  • Healthcare Employment Verification Network Search

FACIS® Monthly Monitoring

Healthcare clients can submit batches of individuals to GIS for FACIS® Monthly Monitoring. FACIS® Monthly monitoring can consist of all Level 3 searches, all Level 1M, or a hybrid. The results are fully verified with no false positives. FACIS® uses a database made up of direct federal and state sources to screen the sanction history of individuals and entities in the healthcare industry. FACIS® Monthly Monitoring is ideal for individuals directly involved in patient care (employees or contractors), and includes information on a wide range of disciplinary actions from exclusions and debarments to letters of reprimand and probation, depending on the level searched.


As part of our dedication to the healthcare industry, GIS has created Pangea for Healthcare, a platform dedicated to helping healthcare companies hire and onboard healthcare professionals with minimal effort. The Pangea for Healthcare platform offers configurability, pre-integrated offerings, compliance controls and ease of use that can only be found in the most advanced frameworks. It is perfect for tracking and managing your recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes for your hourly and salaried workers, and for managing your credentialing processes for healthcare professionals, vendors and more.

Credential Management Programs

GIS understands that the dangers involved with the slightest slip in compliance can be incredibly costly in terms of litigation, reputation, and human life. Our innovative credential management solution brings definite advantages in compliance by creating efficiencies in your compliance processes and dramatically saving time and cutting costs by eliminating manual tasks. It provides automated configurable notifications to you and/or your employees of approaching renewal deadlines. Furthermore, the system allows for secure, online submission of renewed license/credential information which GIS can verify for you. Click here for more information on GIS' credential management program.

Vendor Credential Management

GIS' Vendor Credential Management solution helps you onboard and manage your vendors and independent contractors. Built on our Credential Management platform, the Vendor Credential Management platform allows you to invite vendors to apply to be a part of your network, run initial checks on the vendors and key personnel, and re-verify credentials and applications as necessary. Click here for more information on the Vendor Credential Management program.

FACIS® is a licensed trademark of Verisys Corporation.