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Highly-regulated industries such as petrochemical know how important it is to select the right personnel safety screening partner, because cutting corners in here can literally have disastrous implications. GIS helps US and multi-national organizations of all sizes run effective and compliant risk-mitigation programs to quickly get their employees and contractors on the job in US facilities, plants and ports and on US roads, rails and waterways.

As a leading screening solutions provider, GIS provides comprehensive background investigation, ongoing criminal monitoring, and drug screening solutions for organizations and facilities in the petrochemical industry. We offer a customized solution to appropriately check individuals depending upon the amount of unescorted access they have (or will have) to sensitive areas, information, control systems and substances.

GIS does not offshore any portion of our US background screening processes and is uniquely positioned as a preferred provider to assist organizations of all sizes with personnel safety, CFATS, TSA, MTSA, DOT, PHMSA, FMCSA and other federal regulatory requirements.

Personnel Surety Services:

  • Criminal History Screening (county/state/federal)
  • KwikScreen National Criminal Database
  • National Government & Terrorist Watchlists
  • National Wants and Warrants
  • International background screening
  • Fingerprinting
  • Ongoing criminal monitoring
  • Employment and Education Verifications
  • Professional License and Credential
  • Verifications
  • Civil Court Searches
  • Media Searches
  • Identity Verifications

Transportation Personnel Surety Services:

  • Motor Vehicle Records (CDL & Non-CDL)
  • DOT-Specialized Verifications & Reference Checks
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol screening programs
  • PSP Reports
  • Driver Qualification Files

Onboarding & Compliance Services:

  • E-Verify & electronic Form I-9 systems
  • Onboarding systems to enforce and monitor compliance
  • Credential management platforms

Credential Management

GIS provides a web-based platform for maintaining your compliance at it relates to your licensed/credentialed professionals. Our platform provides automated notifications to you or to your employees of approaching renewal deadlines. Your professionals can easily provide updated license or credential information directly into our credential management platform and GIS can verify the renewals for you. Click here for more information on GIS' credential management program.

Vendor Credential Management

GIS' Vendor Credential Management solution helps you onboard and manage your vendors and independent contractors. Built on our Credential Management platform, the Vendor Credential Management platform allows you to invite vendors to apply to be a part of your network, run initial checks on the vendors and key personnel, and re-verify credentials and applications as necessary. Click here for more information on the Vendor Credential Management program.