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Shoplifting is unquestionably an enormous problem in the retail industry. What many retailers do not realize is that, according to the 2015 National Retail Security Survey performed by Dr. Richard Hollinger at the University of Florida, employee theft cost retailers 16.2 billion in 2016 alone. While the average shoplifting incident costs about $377, the average employee theft incidents cost more than $1200 - more htan 3 times as much. It is important to hire employees you can trust. Become an NRMA member and a partner in the solution to stop retail employee theft today.


  • FCRA-compliant database comprised solely of retail theft data including dishonest employees, shoplifting incidents, and related thefts
  • Fully automated inquiry process
  • Exclusive Theft Watch program
  • Established retail advisory board


  • No membership fee or startup costs
  • Inexpensive inquiry fees
  • Available case management integration
  • Standardized monthly management reports


  • Provides exclusive information
  • Identifies individuals with a previous history of dishonesty
  • Enables you to make a more informed hiring decision
  • Helps to establish a trustworthy workforce
  • Proactive loss prevention strategy

Please contact NRMA for more information on becoming a member.