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GIS' clients are among the largest retailers in the world.

Screening Solutions

GIS is a leading provider of background screening solutions for many of the largest retailers in the world, and we understand the nuances and unique needs and considerations that exist. In an industry employing over 24 million personnel with annual sales of over $4.7 trillion (national figures), providing solutions engineered to positively impact issues of employee quality, turnover, and employee-related shrink is a top priority. Our screening and loss prevention solutions are built from best practices based on almost half a century of industry experience, providing top retailers across the globe with programs to combat the challenges affecting retail head-on.

We offer a number of screening solutions specifically designed for the retail industry. As retail organizations handle consumer money, and often deal with the issues of high turnover, absenteeism, substance abuse, and workplace violence, it is increasingly important to protect your organization through a comprehensive screening solution.

Recommended screenings include:

  • Criminal History Checks at the county, state, and/or federal level
  • KwikScreen National Criminal Database Search to supplement the physical county search
  • NRMA Retail Theft Database
  • Credit Reports
  • Social Security Validation
  • Employment Verification and Education Verifications
  • Ongoing Criminal Monitoring

Vendor Credential Management

GIS' Vendor Credential Management solution helps you onboard and manage your vendors and independent contractors. The platform allows you to invite vendors to apply to be a part of your network, run initial checks on the vendors and key personnel, and re-verify credentials and applications as necessary. Click here for more information on the Vendor Credential Management program.