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GIS has a thorough understanding of hiring needs to offer complete service and support for some of the largest organizations in the staffing industry. With almost half a century of experience in the hiring programs of other varying industries that our staffing clients serve, we are equipped to work for you.

GIS supports some of the largest and most complex talent acquisition programs in the world. Our Pangea system provides our staffing clients and their clients with a solution that is designed to deliver compliance, tracking, streamlined internal processes and cost efficiencies.

The staffing industry has its own unique sets of concerns associated with the need for rapid placements and threat of lawsuits resulting from staffing a dangerous individual.

To protect from reputational and financial risk, leading staffing companies are screening their own candidates before placement, performing due diligence and increasing their value to their client base. GIS offers a number of background screening solutions essential for companies in the staffing industry. Our screening services help provide the information you need to staff quality candidates and comply with federal, state and local industry regulations.