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Every industry has its own unique needs defined by its regulations, standards and general business model. The perfect combination of checks and balances for one industry is almost never going to be right for another.

That’s why you need a screening partner that truly understands your industry’s unique pain points and, more importantly, how to balance those pain points against each other.

GIS has carefully cultivated our tools and services to truly support our core industries’ needs. We offer industry-specific associations (e.g. NRMA), industry-specific searches (e.g. DOT Employment Verifications), industry-specific platforms (e.g. Pangea for Insurance), industry-specific resources (e.g. Higher Education Benchmarking Report), and more.

With these resources at hand, GIS’ employees are enabled to provide comprehensive assistance that’s right for you.

Not one of our core industries? We still have the solutions and flexibility to support your organization.