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Let’s face it: K-12 schools and institutions of higher learning are as different as you can get while being in the same industry. From student population to teaching credentials, everything but the end goal seems to differ between the two. But, they’re really two sides of the same coin, with more in common than different. First, the safety of students and minors is paramount. Second, you want the best faculty and staff. Third, you need to keep costs down. How do you balance all of these factors when hiring?

The answer is easy: by using GIS.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the hot topic right now, but it goes so much further than just ensuring that the candidate has a pleasant recruiting experience. To get the best faculty and staff, and to get them up and running fast, you really need to minimize the burdens on the applicant throughout the entire hiring process. Each inefficiency within the process, from recruiting to onboarding, is just another opportunity to lose your best candidates.


By integrating with your chosen HRIS, GIS can simplify the background screening process. We can take whatever information the HRIS provides to us to initiate the background check, and ask your applicants to just (electronically!) fill in the gaps using our Applicant Entry Portal.

Turnaround Time

We know that time is of the essence. On average, the final report is delivered to you within 48 hours, with some searches ready instantly. What’s more, by using tools like our Applicant Entry Portal, we get required information from the applicant much quicker, meaning that we can initiate the check earlier and get it done earlier.

Electronic Forms

Every hiring process is rife with forms that must be completed – from the authorization and disclosure for the background check to the Form I-9 for onboarding. GIS provides electronic services for all of these forms, which eases the burden on the applicant and makes them more likely to complete the paperwork.

Screening Quality

As an NAPBS-accredited background screening company, GIS has made a commitment to uphold high product and service standards. With our 99.9% accuracy rate, you can rely on us to provide the information you need to make safe and informed hiring decisions.


Even though GIS has great accuracy, dedicated account management, and all the products you need, we service your account for a fair and reasonable price – no cutting corners or hiding behind our invoices. Where other companies nickel and dime you, GIS provides a well-rounded program with no hidden charges. What’s more, if you so desire, GIS can charge your services by department, college, or any other code you want to give us.


If you can think of a check, chances are that GIS does it. In addition to our standard services, GIS offers solutions specially designed for the education industry.

Non-Employee Screening

Even if you’re running background checks on all of your faculty and staff, there are other people working on your campus who aren’t employed by the school. Anyone who works with the third parties that come onto school grounds – athletics camps, book fairs, cafeteria staff – needs to be screened as thoroughly as your employees, else you risk the safety of the students and/or minors on your campus.

In addition, colleges and universities may be required to screen some of their students. Nursing programs, medical schools and healthcare programs require criminal background checks on prospective students to meet The Joint Commission’s compliance requirements.

In each of these cases, you need either the actual employer of the individuals or the individuals themselves to be paying for the checks. For these we recommend our Vendor/Contractor Program and our Student Background Screening Program respectively. These programs were designed to allow clients to have control over their screening programs without incurring the costs or legal liability involved with performing the background checks themselves.

Popular Services

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