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 In 2017, internal theft cost retailers $15.53 billion.

The National Retail Mutual Association (NRMA) was created to unite retailers in the struggle against inventory shrinkage caused by employee theft. Through the proprietary and FCRA-compliant NRMA Retail Theft Database, NRMA provides responsible management of shared theft data for employment screening purposes.

While other retail theft databases are disappearing, the NRMA Retail Theft Database remains strong. We are continually working to ensure that our solution meets or exceed governmental regulations and we are committed to being a preferred partner to retailers interested in effective, legal and ever-advancing loss prevention strategies.

Our Core Values

  • We seek to continually challenge our Retail Member Advisory Board to share best practices knowledge for the benefit of NRMA and all of its members.
  • We hold collected incident information to a standard that is appropriate to the needs and demands of the retail industry.
  • We only allow fully verified theft incident to be disseminated, and all usage is in full compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws, including the FCRA.
  • We ensure that partnership agreements are upheld with regard to a member’s obligation of submitting and verifying theft incidents in a timely manner.
  • We operate with integrity in all business dealings to ensure consistency and quality across the entire organization, to include the internal data management process.
  • We continually build upon our leadership identity in the retail industry by supporting and participating in loss prevention conferences and exhibitions to promote the growth of NRMA.
  • We seek to increase the scope of member retailers to all market verticals that could directly benefit from the use of our theft data for employment screening purposes.

Membership Advantages

Only members of NRMA can access the NRMA Retail Theft Database. But membership has more benefits than just that.

  • No membership fees or startup costs
  • Inexpensive inquiry fees
  • Available case management integration
  • Standardized monthly management reports