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With a tight labor market, the utilities industry has to do everything it can to improve candidate experience. That means speeding turnaround time, simplifying processes and moving to electronic methods wherever possible. At the same time, you have to maintain screening quality and compliance – sometimes with niche guidances – or else risk your bottom line and, more importantly, the safety of your clients and employees.

This isn’t a balance you can achieve on your own. You need a screening partner that understands your pain points and can help you create a screening program that brings balance and fulfillment to all your needs. That’s where we come in.

Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is the hot topic right now, but it goes so much further than just ensuring that the candidate has a pleasant recruiting experience. To get the best employees, and to get them up and running fast, you really need to minimize the burdens on the applicant throughout the entire hiring process. Each inefficiency within the process, from recruiting to onboarding, is just another opportunity to lose your best candidates.


By integrating with your chosen HRIS, GIS can simplify the background screening process. We can take whatever information the HRIS provides to us to initiate the background check, and ask your applicants to just (electronically!) fill in the gaps using our Applicant Entry Portal.

Tunraround Time

We know that time is of the essence. On average, the final report is delivered to you within 48 hours, with some searches ready instantly. What’s more, by using tools like our Applicant Entry Portal, we get required information from the applicant much quicker, meaning that we can initiate the check earlier and get it done earlier.

Electronic Forms

Every hiring process is rife with forms that must be completed – from the authorization and disclosure for the background check to the Form I-9 for onboarding. GIS provides electronic services for all of these forms, which eases the burden on the applicant and makes them more likely to complete the paperwork.


Compliance is never as simple as you want it to be. Standard hiring compliance can be difficult; adding the various laws and guidances you also have to follow just ups the ante. But we’ve got you covered – we understand your unique challenges and we know how to help you. That means complying with the NERC, FCRA, EEOC and all other applicable guidelines.

It’s your to understand background screening regulations as they apply to you, but it’s our job to help you understand what regulations apply to you and how, and to help you fulfill those regulations. We take this responsibility seriously. Not only do we actively search for and report on a broad range of compliance issues, we issue frequent compliance alerts that help you understand how any changes impact you. Most importantly, we offer a full complement of compliance services.

We make it easy for you to fulfill all your FCRA and state requirements, offering compliant electronic Authorization & Disclosure solutions, as well as a full Adverse Action program, complete with Individualized Assessment. We further provide forms and guides to help you maintain compliance with hiring Guidances, like the EEOC’s.

Screening Quality

As an NAPBS-accredited background screening company, GIS has made a commitment to uphold high product and service standards. With our 99.9% accuracy rate, you can rely on us to provide the information you need to make safe and informed hiring decisions.


Even though GIS has great accuracy, dedicated account management, and all the products you need, we service your account for a fair and reasonable price – no cutting corners or hiding behind our invoices. Where other companies nickel and dime you, GIS provides a well-rounded program with no hidden charges.


If you can think of a check, chances are that GIS does it. In particular, some of our most popular services for our utilities clients are:

In addition, many GIS clients find value in: