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Though GIS is best known for our pre-employment screening solutions, we’re more than just background checks and we’re more than just pre-employment.
As our client base and their needs have grown, so to have our services. Today we offer just about any combination of background screening, drug testing, wellness screening and onboarding you can think of for just about any population – applicants, employees, vendors, contractors, volunteers, even students and insurance agents.
Each set of solutions was designed to solve the unique needs of the populations we serve. They help you with compliance and due diligence, while relieving many of the burdens that traditional programs place on organizations.


Pre-employment screening is the backbone of our company, and for good reason. Studies indicate that it can cost 30% to 400% of an employee’s salary to replace them, so you want to get it right the first time. And that’s the least of your worries. In today’s legal climate, you’re expected to know whether an individual’s history indicates risk that they will cause harm to your business, your clients or your employees before you hire them. Not knowing can result in negligent hiring claims in the millions of dollars.

Our services go well beyond screening services, though. Our employee onboarding, credential management, tax credits and incentives and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify services were all designed to help you hire more quickly and effectively.


An effective screening program doesn’t stop once an employee has been hired. After all, whatever risks you were screening for to begin with still exist, and you can’t necessarily rely on on-the-job performance to indicate the actual risk posed by an employee.

An employee can be good at their job and still represent an untenable risk for your organization. Whether it’s the accountant who is a whiz with numbers (but was arrested for fraud), the long haul trucker who gets trips done safely and efficiently (but can’t pass their physical), or the travelling salesman that routinely surpasses their quotas (but can’t safely drive due to drug use), there are all sorts of instances where a good employee poses too much risk – instances where you wouldn’t know without post-hire screening solutions.

GIS enables employers to run a variety of post-hire checks, like ongoing criminal monitoring and arrest records monitoring, random and for-cause drug tests and ongoing driver monitoring.

Vendors & Contractors

It’s unlikely that everything done by and for your company is done by direct employees. Whether you have temporary employees provided by a staffing firm, contractors who perform your field work, or vendors performing maintenance, or none of the above, there is probably someone in your building or representing your company who isn’t directly employed by your company.

That’s not a bad thing! But you have to consider that these individuals have access to your clients, your employees, your proprietary data – all the things that you have to keep safe. They need to be screened just the same as if they were employees, but taking the burden on yourself leaves you open to liability, as does simply assuming that your vendor is running the checks.

Instead, you can require your vendor or contractor to run checks on their employees using our specialized VendorSAFE screening platform. Your vendors and contractors have total control over the program and are 100% fiscally responsible, but you’re able to ensure that their employees meet your standards.

Volunteers & Students

Similar to our vendors & contractors solution, GIS offers a solution designed for people who are representing your organization but aren’t anyone’s employees. Students who are in clinicals, volunteers working with your proprietary data, employees or clients – especially vulnerable populations, like kids – all need to be screened. But non-profits (and schools) traditionally have pretty tight budgets that may not cover screening all the people who they rely on to provide services.

Using our specialized SelectCHECK program, you can have your volunteers and students run checks on themselves, with your organization receiving final scores or certificates showing whether the individual passed. This allows you to make sure they’re being checked by a company you can trust so that you can feel confident in the results.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents occupy a nebulous in-between world where they’re contractors, but you have to have direct control over the type of checks you’re running on them – and they’re going to be very different than the checks you’re running on your standard employees.

That’s why GIS introduced our Pangea for Insurance platform. Though based on the same Pangea framework as our onboarding platform, Pangea for Insurance was built by insurance agents for insurance agents, with integrations with the NIPR PDB detail report, condensed smart forms to auto-populate state forms, and elimination of delays due to incomplete, illegible or lost files.