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If you have a hiring need, you can bet that GIS has a solution for it.

Sure, we can handle the obvious, like an in-depth criminal history check to ensure that the individual is safe to have around your employees, customers and business, but we can also do so much more.

Do you need an employee with good work ethic and habits, one who can perform the tasks they claim experience in? We can verify their previous employment, speak to their references to see what their strengths and weaknesses are, and verify their education or any professional licenses they claim.

Do you need an employee that you can trust to drive on your company’s behalf? Not just as a fleet driver, but to run errands in a company car? We can offer both a pre-employment MVR check and invaluable ongoing driver monitoring.

Do you need employees to not be under the influence of drugs while they’re working for you? We have some of the fastest and most trustworthy pre-employment (plus for cause and random) testing solutions.

Do you have physical requirements for your employees – like those mandated by the DOT for trucking positions? We can handle DOT physicals, DOT physical lookalikes, plus any other wellness testing you need.

Even beyond screening services, we have your hiring covered.

Do you need your employee to complete a Form I-9? Hint: if you’re in the U.S. the answer is “yes.” GIS offers an electronic process for Forms I-9 that is pre-integrated with E-Verify.

Do you want to earn free money? Let GIS handle your tax credits and incentives program. You only pay us if we find credits for you, so it’s a no-risk-all-reward proposition.

Need a great onboarding program? You can either use GIS’ best-in-class framework, or we can set you up with one of our fantastic partners – we’re dedicated to ensuring that you have the solution that you need.