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Background checks aren’t limited to just criminal history checks, verifications and MVRs. Even including the services below, this is just a small fraction of what we can do for our clients. If you need a search done and you don’t see it listed, just let us know – we probably already have a solution ready for you.

Bankruptcy Reports

Our bankruptcy report service will provide details of any bankruptcy associated with an applicant that is recorded in a given U.S. District Court. Information returned can include:

  • Case or file number
  • Date filed
  • Type of bankruptcy
  • Discharge date
  • Name(s) listed as petitioners

Credit Reports

GIS can obtain a credit report based on an individual’s name, SSN and address. The report typically includes:

  • Names
  • Current address and up to two previous addresses
  • The highest credit extended
  • Past due amounts
  • Credit limits
  • Average monthly payment information
  • Balances
  • Percentage of available credit

Additional information, including telephone number along with most current and one previous employer may be included. A summary of public records may also include civil suits and judgments, as well as tax liens, however please note that due to stricter reporting restrictions imposed on credit bureaus in 2017, it is estimated that credit reports only capture a minimal percentage of liens and civil suits and judgments. No credit report for employment purposes will ever provide credit score information.

Civil Suits & Judgments

GIS can provide civil history records to identify high-risk applicants by revealing information about claims, suits, and judgments filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations at both the county and federal level. Examples of findings on the county level include product liability suits, violation of civil rights, judgments, nonpayment of goods, and other similar cases. Findings on the federal level include interstate commerce, violation(s) of civil rights and issues involving the federal government and/or financial institutions.

National Wants and Warrants

This is a nationwide search of active, extraditable federal and state warrants which may include felonies and misdemeanors for the requested subject. Where warrant information is identified, GIS will follow up with the issuing agency to determine additional public record information, including the date of issuance and nature of the warrant.

Name & Address History Search

Rather than limiting research to just those names and addresses provided by the applicant, GIS can develop all available names and addresses associated with the applicant’s SSN. This information is then used to develop possible names and addresses for additional criminal history searches.

Social Security Number Validation

Our Social Security Number Validation searches the Social Security Administration to identify any irregularities, such as whether the SSN is invalid or found on the Death Master Index. The year and state of issuance may also be identified, depending on whether the SSN was issued before or after SSN Randomization. This does not confirm that the SSN, name and Date of Birth are a match.

Social Security Number Verification

Our Social Security Number Verification will verify the SSNs and names as provide by your employees solely to ensure that the records of current and former employees are correct for the purpose of completing wage and tax statements.

Compliance Services

Because compliance is such an important part of every background screening program, GIS provides adverse action services to help ease the compliance burden for your organization.

Adverse Action

Through our Consumer Relations Department, GIS distributes Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action letters (in addition to state-mandated letters) to applicants who fail to meet our clients’ screening standards. In addition, we work with consumers and providers of public records to attempt to resolve any disputes over a consumer’s criminal record.

Individualized Assessment

GIS’ focus on compliance means that we were one of the first in the industry to respond to the EEOC’s guidance that applicants who are denied a position because of a background check should be given the opportunity to explain their rehabilitation and why they should be hired anyway.

This process, known as individualized assessment, is completely managed by the GIS team. We provide the opportunity for applicants to explain their situation, provide their explanations to you, and give you the ability to make or change your decision based on an assessment of the additional information.

Though the EEOC Guidance recommended this be completed, certain ban-the-box legislation has made this, or a similar process, a requirement. We highly recommend that you determine whether this is a legal necessity for your organization.

Industry-Specific Services

GIS also offers a variety of industry-specific services. Check your industry to see what we have for you!