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With marijuana use on the rise and an opioid crisis in the U.S., drug testing is as important as ever. GIS’ drug testing offerings run the gamut from basic urinalysis to advanced hair testing, and they cover all possible scenarios: pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and random testing.

GIS’ offers a variety of drug testing solutions and a variety of drug testing panels to create the precise program you need. Through use of electronic Chain of Custody and Control Forms (eCCFs), the entire process is automated and viewable in real-time. Plus, as part of our rigorous compliance and Quality Assurance program, all non-negative laboratory results are MRO reviewed by licensed physicians in the medical review department and all final dispositions are provided to our clients through our web-based portal.


GIS’ urinalysis offerings include lab-based options and point of collection options, including the only electronic urine rapid drug tests performed under a tamper evident seal.


The eCup is the industry’s only 5-panel electronic urine rapid drug test performed under a tamper-evident seal. eCup tests are performed at the service location or point-of-care (POC) collection site. The testing process is performed securely and confidentially under seal in the eReader. It reports a negative eCup urine drug screen back to the end user via the web within 15 minutes.


Based on the revolutionary eCup technology, the xCup is an expanded-panel electronic urine rapid drug testing performed under a tamper-evident seal. It provides all the same benefits of an eCup – secure and confident POC testing process – but with a quicker turnaround time and a variety of 6- to 10-panel configurations, all within one cup.


The mCup is a manually interpreted instant urine drug screen cup device. Test results are visually interpreted by the collection professional, with any “non-negative” specimens sent to a SAMHSA-certified lab for confirmation testing. The mCup works well in mobile situations, onsite at the employer’s location or at the POC facility.

Lab-Based Urine Drug Testing

For lab-based urinalysis, the specimen is collected at the POC location, sealed and then shipped to a SAMHSA-certified lab for the drug screen. It offers expanded panels, with an average turnaround time ranging from 24 to 72 hours.

Oral Fluids

Also available in a lab setting or at point-of-collection, GIS’ oral fluids solution is excellent for the detection of recent drug activity. Package configurations include 5, 7 and 9-panel options that are designed for observed collection and to eliminate adulteration.

Hair Testing

Our Hair Follicle Analysis allows GIS to detect drug activity as far as several months back. As with our other lab-based solutions, GIS works with SAMHSA-certified labs to ensure a comprehensive solution.

Alcohol Testing

GIS offers the only DOT-approved instant oral alcohol test on the market, which can provide quantitative results in mere minutes. We also offer a variety of other alcohol testing solutions including Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) which can be administered alone or in conjunction with other tests.