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Onboarding issues can lose companies millions of dollars – through unclaimed tax credits, fines for incorrect or missing forms or even just time wasted on manual process that don’t have to be manual.

 Where the lack of background checks – or more accurately, the presence of negligent hiring – can get you sued, you’re not likely to get sued for not using an onboarding program. But, much like background checks, not using an automated program can still lead to tangible and intangible losses.

If you’re still onboarding employees using paper forms, you’re wasting a lot of time that could be better spent. If you’re not earning tax credits, you’re potentially losing out on millions of dollars that’s just waiting for you to claim it. If you’re still using paper Forms I-9, you could very easily make a mistake that could literally cost you – a mistake that you can’t make on our system thanks to smart fields.