Credential Management

///Credential Management
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GIS can help you track your employees’ credentials post-hire to make sure that their credentials remain current with no disciplinary actions. We take all of the stress and paperwork out of the process while simplifying and increasing your compliance.

Our automated system will track the expiration date of your employees’ credentials, remind them to renew their credentials with increasing frequency until an updated license credential is provided, and then verify the new credential once it has been submitted. By having GIS re-verify your employees’ licenses or credentials, you can feel comfortable knowing that your employees have provided accurate information, have retained their license and have remained at the standard you require of them.

GIS’ credential management system is user-friendly and streamlined, featuring:

  • Automated notification to you or your employees of approaching renewal deadlines
  • Configurable time frames for the original and reminder notifications
  • Secure online submission of updated license or credential information
  • Capability to upload credential documents