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Turn your department into a profit center and earn your company as much as $2.5 million just by implementing a Tax Credits and Incentives program.

 There’s no simpler way to say it: GIS has helped clients earn millions – in one case as much as $2.5 million – in tax credits. And because you only get charged if we find you credits, it’s an absolutely risk-free program.

GIS’ electronic screening solution increases your tax credit potential, improves your screening compliance and reduces the amount of paperwork during the process. We also prepare annual credit reports and provide complete audit support with every tax credit. Our proven methods and years of experience allow us to maximize your credits while minimizing the efforts of your busy hiring managers.

WOTC & Federal Hiring Credits

Earn up to $9,000 per employee with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a credit designed to help groups with historical barriers to the workforce earn meaningful employment. Or earn up to $2,400 per employee with the Employee Retention Tax Credit for employers affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma or Maria. For each of these credits we identify eligible employees based on initial screening information, confirm their status, and help you start earning money.

State & Local Job Creation Tax Credits

All 50 states offer tax credit and incentive opportunities to encourage companies to invest and create jobs in that state. GIS easily tracks the more than 500 state and local credits available, helping you determine what credits you’re eligible for.

Available state and local credits include:

  • Veteran hiring credits
  • Enterprise Zone credits
  • Job creation credits
  • Investment tax credits
  • Geographic statutory credits
  • Industry-specific credits

Economic Incentives

There are numerous incentives that exist to attract employers to certain areas and to reward companies operating in certain areas. Your organization may qualify for economic tax incentives if you are:

  • Hiring additional employees as part of a growth process
  • Building new facilities
  • Expanding your current facilities
  • Relocating offices or workplaces
  • Providing measurable infrastructure benefits