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Raymond Conrad – Owner And Chairman

Ray has been with GIS since 1966 and purchased the company in 1996. Through Ray’s vision and leadership, GIS has attained rapid growth and numerous company awards. Ray has been recognized as Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2007 Carolinas, and was a finalist for the National Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Guy Abramo – Chief Executive Officer

Guy joined GIS in 2018 to lead the organization’s new era of strategic growth. He came to GIS following a 7-year stint as a division president at a major consumer reporting agency and prior executive roles primarily in technology and marketing capacities. He is known for his extensive leadership experience in customer service, operational excellence and technology innovation, which was honed in some of the largest companies in their respective industries.

Nate Gabelman – President

A former Fortune 50 executive, Nate has been helping GIS grow and thrive since 2002. He has steadily grown within the company, from sales representative to executive, and his unique experience in the organization brings a new perspective to the presidency. Nate is instrumental in GIS’ continued growth, helping to augment GIS’ solutions, services and partnerships in order to fully meet our clients’ needs.

Sharon Mann – Chief Accounting Officer

With GIS since 2000, Sharon manages all financial services requirements for the company, working to streamline costs and maintain the most competitive pricing. Sharon, a CPA, has shown great skill and professionalism throughout her career, resulting in her being awarded the Jefferson Award from the American Institute for Public Service and being honored as an Outstanding Member in Business and Industry by the South Carolina Association of CPAs (SCACPA).

Jeff Dailey – Chief Financial Officer

Jeff has been working in finance since 1991, building experience in expertise in strategic mergers and acquisitions, portfolio management and optimization, financial accounting and reporting. He has provided expertise to develop finance functions and build value through growth acceleration and performance improvement for companies in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Since starting with GIS in 2016, Jeff has focused on development of financial systems, strategic acquisitions and managing banking relationships to support GIS’ growth strategy.

Jay Meyer – Chief Information Officer

Jay has held multiple IT management positions with GIS since he started in 2006. In his various roles, Jay has led the development of the Pangea framework, contributed to the development of software lifecycle best practices, and provided innovative software solutions and excellent support to GIS clients. In his role as CIO, Jay is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our IT Group, and works with strategic clients to ensure that their goals and objectives are supported by our software.

Bob White – Chief Operations Officer

Bob is a former Major in the United States Marine Corps and executive at a variety of IT and consulting firms, as well as a leading CRA, and is best known in the industry for his expertise in successfully driving complex operational initiatives. He joined GIS in 2018 to lead the Operations team’s efforts to further improve quality and turnaround time.

Chris Lemens – Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Chris began representing software and internet companies as in-house counsel in 1995. With GIS since 2007, Chris manages all legal affairs for the company. In this role, he regularly provides insight to GIS clients into legal issues related to their use of background reports, including issues under consumer reporting laws and under equal employment opportunity laws. Chris is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas.

Joe Kurta – Executive Vice President, Business Services

Joe joined GIS in 2013 after serving the previous 9 years as Vice President of Sales for eScreen drug and alcohol employment screening solutions, GIS’ drug screening partner. In his current position as Executive Vice President of Business Services, Joe takes his extensive experience in selling and marketing employment screening solutions to provide GIS’ entire sales staff and clients with reliable guidance and advice.

Brad Carlson – Executive Vice President, Sales

With GIS since 2011, Brad has over 30 years of active sales experience and has vast experience in the background screening industry, having worked at a variety of major background screening companies. In his role as Executive Vice President of Sales for GIS, Brad oversees the sales team, providing insight and guidance on how to approach prospects and clients. He is also responsible for improving our fingerprinting capabilities, taking our capabilities above and beyond the high standard we maintain today.

Lori Webb – Senior Vice President

Lori has been working in the background screening and security industries since 1985, with extensive experience in public records retrieval and interpretation, credentialing, and systems delivery. Her professional seasoning extends to numerous compliance-mandated industries with a focus on project management and operational administration as primary areas of her specialization. With GIS since 2003, Lori is presently responsible for all aspects of GIS’ background screening operations, playing an instrumental role in the company’s business and growth strategies.

Zach Lein – Senior Vice President, Customer Success

Since Zach joined GIS in 2008, he has been impressing clients with his consultative approach to matching our programs and services to their changing needs. In his role overseeing Customer Success, Zach has truly advanced this process by matching customer needs to operations initiatives, putting the clients in the driver’s seat. Prior to joining GIS, Zach served as Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp and worked for a variety of tax consulting and HRIS organizations.

Traci Canning – Senior Vice President, Product Development

Traci joined GIS in 2015 and has been in the screening industry since 2002, having led cross-functional teams in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Traci is responsible for international screening, including development of best practices and programs for clients. Certified in US, European Union and Information Technology privacy laws, regulations and standards, she has a wealth of experience in working with some of the world’s largest companies.