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Our Culture

Our Core 4 Values

Service-First Mindset — we get it right

  • Actively listens to external and internal customers to understand the need behind the want.

  • Treats team members like they treat customers.

  • Seeks understanding and answers questions with empathy and patience.

  • Explains the issue and resolution, following up to ensure customer success.

  • Sees each challenge through to resolution, getting it right for our clients.

Our Core 4 Values

Grounded in Respect — we care about our work and each other

  • Assumes positive intent.

  • Contributes to an open, honest team environment, in which Team Members have the confidence to challenge our decisions and the way we work.

  • Models the trust they expect in others, acting with integrity and honesty.

  • Acts in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders.

  • Acknowledges the value in others' ideas and celebrates others' accomplishments.

Our Core 4 Values

Collaborative Spirit — we win together

  • Involves the right people - regardless of the title or function - and knows when to ask for help.

  • Appropriately lends expertise and personal experience.

  • Focuses energy on solutions instead of problems.

  • Values diversity of thought.

  • Creatively works as a team to get the best results in the fastest way.

Our Core 4 Values

Sense of Ownership — we think bigger

  • Challenges the status quo, finding opportunities for innovation.

  • Shows bravery in the face of changing circumstances.

  • Keeps commitments and proactively manages expectations.

  • Offers and accepts feedback to foster continuous improvement.

  • Anticipates, accepts, and leads change the brings value.

HireRight SPARK

About HireRight SPARK

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Hiring practices free of systemic bias.

  • Support for career growth and advancement.

  • Promoting an environment where everyone can be their authentic self.